Мот - Мама, я в Дубае (Премьера клипа, 2014)
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2005-2014 Mustang American Muscle Graphics White Lemans Stripes - 8

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These American Muscle Graphics White Lemans Stripes will give your Mustang a more classic style! These stripes are made from the highest quality Premium Cast Vinyl that is made to last for at least 8 years of harsh outdoor weather. http://muscle.am/2lHT7HG

Item 26054G05
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Instant Distinct Look. Separate your Mustang from the pack by outfitting it with a Lemans Stripe kit from American Muscle Graphics. Measuring 8” wide per stripe, this two pack of stripes will instantly add that Lemans racing style to your 2005-2014 Mustang without needs to drop a bunch of money at the body shop. Running from the hood, over the roof and all the way to the tail, these aggressive looking white stripes are a classic and stunning way to change the appearance of your Pony.

Premium Vinyl Material. American Muscle Graphics constructs these 8” White Lemans strips from a premium cast vinyl. Extensive weather testing has been conducted and these exclusively treated gloss white vinyl stripes can last up to 8 years in harsh outdoor weather. The decal package is pre-cut in 3 sections to maintain a perfect fit and simplify installation.

Stick On Application. Updating your 2005-2014 with these Lemans styled 8” racing stripes can be accomplished at home. Following the instructions, clean the surface of your Mustang and line up the decals. They are then applied using water and the included squeegee. While not overly complicated, the install does require a good amount of precision and the job should not be rushed.


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Мот - Мама, я в Дубае (Премьера клипа, 2014)
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